There are no identical transactions, similar objects or clients with similar demands on the real estate market. Universal solutions are not suitable for all participants in the current dynamic business landscape. We thereby approach every client and object individually in order to comprehend their character and to offer innovative and unique solutions. The purpose of our activity is to help the client maximise the value of the real estate investment.

Regardless of the situation on the market, we offer strategic consultation for our clients in order to achieve a more optimal rate of return of assets and more cost efficient operation. We deem it essential to analyse the strong and weak sides of an investment and assess the possible risks and opportunities. A balanced investment portfolio provides a clear market advantage while also being desirable for investors.

Effort Capital offers know-how for elaborating conceptions for development projects. The most efficient solutions for a project being developed are found in cooperation with our specialists, ensuring a market advantage for the assets of the client in the ever harsher competitive environment.

When forming our project team, we always base our work on the objectives raised and the specific character of the project. If necessary, we also include recognised specialists from partner companies of related fields (construction, finance, architecture, etc.).

We value trustworthy client relations very highly. A long-term client relation ensures the best possible results for achieving the raised goals. We make every effort for every new contact to become a long-term partnership.

Main services of Effort Capital:

-       Asset management

-       Management of development projects

-       Investment management

-       Brokerage service

-       Construction service