This service is above all directed at investors who are in possession of a real estate portfolio or are planning to form one. If managing a real estate portfolio is not your principal job, trust the management of your assets with professionals. Involving the specialists of Effort Capital gives you the possibility to focus on your main activities. The objective of the offered service is to maximise the value of your real estate portfolio and increase the competitiveness thereof by professional management and development activities.

Planning the management of a real estate portfolio begins with conducting an audit for the portfolio and elaborating an investment strategy in cooperation with the owner of the assets. A real estate portfolio is traditionally treated in a simplified manner and as a mere set of buildings and plots of land without giving heed to specific processes, structures and strategies. As an essential aspect, it must be considered that no two homogeneous objects exist on the real estate market. Every object is unique on the market, having different risks and requiring personal handling and risk spreading.

Increasing the efficiency of a portfolio requires daily involvement and professional management. In terms of the structure of an efficient strategy, Effort Capital focuses on three main directions: cost efficient management, appreciation of the registered immovable and increasing cash flows. The objective is to achieve a flexible and liquid real estate portfolio that ensures a long-term and stable rate of return for your assets.

We function as partners for the owner in all their real estate transactions from the cost-benefit analysis of the investment to leaving the project.


-       Auditing the real estate portfolio

-       Assessment of the development potential of a region

-       Elaboration of an investment strategy

-       Market monitoring

-       Elaboration of a conception

-       Preparation of a business plan and profitability calculations

-       Organisation of planning

-       Preparation and execution of marketing strategy

-       Legal support

-       Management of construction projects

-       Execution of sales or rent organisation

-       Organisation of administration services

-       Administration of agreements and clients